Shipping and Processing Updates

9/21/2020 Updates Wow. We are speechless. Reading your amazing emails, comments and DMs about how these hemp babes have changed your life is such a beautiful gift.  This is exactly why we grow these sweet babes. Thank you so so much for your love, support and patience during this incredibly rare delay. Our heart’s areContinue reading “Shipping and Processing Updates”

From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro

My name is Lauren Davis, and I work with cannabis. Cannabis sativa L. to be exact, also known as hemp. A plant that, until 2014 was illegal to grow in the U.S. And because of hemp’s forbidden history, I wasn’t always in this industry… I was going to be an accountant! First and foremost, I askContinue reading “From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro”