Shipping and Processing Updates

5/28/2020 Updates We are so thankful and humbled by your support and patience during this time. None of us could have ever anticipated this influx of growth of our CBD farm fam, but we welcome each one of you with full arms. Many of you have placed multiple orders while your first is being processed and it trulyContinue reading “Shipping and Processing Updates”

From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro

My name is Lauren Davis, and I work with cannabis. Cannabis sativa L. to be exact, also known as hemp. A plant that, until 2014 was illegal to grow in the U.S. And because of hemp’s forbidden history, I wasn’t always in this industry… I was going to be an accountant! First and foremost, I askContinue reading “From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro”