From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro

My name is Lauren Davis, and I work with cannabis. Cannabis sativa L. to be exact, also known as hemp. A plant that, until 2014 was illegal to grow in the U.S. And because of hemp’s forbidden history, I wasn’t always in this industry… I was going to be an accountant!

First and foremost, I ask you to be kind to yourself. Please listen to that voice that speaks in moments of stillness and directs you towards new, out of the ordinary paths. You know yourself better than anyone, so please trust that voice. It may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

With that being said, buckle UP. This journey is about to be a EXCITING adventure. My blog is the beginning to my journey of hemp, natural, and healing explorations. Each post will be a new piece of information, that will

  • Shed light on the, currently, convoluted and WILD hemp industry
  • Give you an inside look on hemp farming AND running a hemp business (From someone who has not done the whole farming thing before. Goal = Live off the land one day! Yee.haw.)
  • Provide others motivation and perspective from a girl who was following the “accepted” path (i.e. Education, higher education, the possibility of more debt, and a Corp America giggity gig, when there was a need in my family business in an exponentially growing industry.)
  • Make your soul lighter and heart happier.

I was never immersed in the hemp (and holistic/hippy) industry until about two and a half years ago.  I’m learning more each day, and am by no means an expert. But are we ever?

I graduated from Western Carolina University with a 4.0 and honors and earned two degrees, one in Accounting, and the other in Finance. The only B I got was in middle school band, if that gives you an idea as to how determined I was to excel on this pre-determined path (Don’t worry, we can talk about mental health and hemp usage soon).

Here’s the curveball…

I was graciously offered an opportunity with a Big Four accounting firm, for which I am eternally thankful, but felt a higher calling to follow my heart and work with my family (*Cue, “Uh oh… One of those,” comments*). With that, I am endlessly grateful for those who knew me best and did not sweat a single thing.  Some questioned my decision claiming I was going to, “Under-utilize my skill.”  I heard them, made many pros and cons lists and spoke with mentors.  I am proud to say this path utilizes ALL of my skills to the fullest.  I want to share this blog and what I learn with you all because it is unlike anything I have learned or experienced.  We are making history.

Immersed with healers, growers, leaders, and, sadly, some scoundrels, the hemp industry is a full on, beautiful learning experience. I want to share my experience with you because I, and we, have never been in a time like the present. Not only is history-changing, but we are too.

After we pass, our soul takes our experiences and tools on to the next place. My goal is to “fill my toolbelt” with new tools and findings from

  • Makers of LIFE who have worked in a greenhouse for most of their lives (One specifically for 45 years)
  • Healers who take pride in finding naturally medicinal methods
  • Cultivators of one of the few plant’s that has evolved with humans (HEMP)
  • Many other “woke” individuals who I meet in the industry (Plus Asheville is a mecca for these souls)

I hope you are excited to fill yours as well.  Life is too short to not take the path less traveled. Please don’t wonder what if.





3 thoughts on “From the “Accepted” Path to True Passion – My Blog Intro

  1. I’ve been taking drops for a few months and very happy. I know nothing about the stuff that’s on sale for 2.50. What do you do with it. 🤷🏼‍♀️Lol. Just a beginner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy you are enjoying your tincture. I use mine daily (and sometimes twice a day lol) and it has changed the game for me. 🙂 Our $2.50 sale is on select strains of our hemp flower. Let me know if you have any other questions girl! I’m happy to help.


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